e-Lisa began her artistic career in 2010.

During the years, she probes always more the world of electronic music, developing a real passion in music production and, fascinated by synthesizers and by the whole world behind sound synthesis, she decides to study at SAE institute in Milano, obtaining the EMP (Electronic Music Production) Course Certificate.

After this accomplishment, she begun to develop an always more articulate conception of live set.

Then, 2015 was actually a satisfying year for e-Lisa thanks to the opportunity to work as support act for a tour date of the Subsonica, a very famous band in Italy. This allows her to perform on a big stage in front of thousands of fans, getting a lot of positive feedbacks from all the field’s experts.

There are few DJs/Producers around the world able to structure a show, entirely live, made of live mash-ups, original self-made songs and remixes, created in real time using analogic instruments, loops, controllers, synths etc.

This choice, along with her unique style, makes e-Lisa the only complete live performer in the worldwide electronic music overview. The only one able to arrange a Live PA with an already spectacular DJ Set.

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20 Ottobre 2021 @

Lysa Chain @ Live Performance

Lysa Chain @ Live Performance 02

Lysa Chain live @ Opening Act Subsonica Concert