Frank Kvitta does not come from an extreme musical parental background, nor has he taken over his brothers‘ record collection.
He is not influenced by Kraftwerk first Loveparade experience – and certainly not by the music shows performed on television. Frank Kvittas‘ musical education always took place on the one sole place – the dancefloor. He started at a very early age to record his own tapes for his friends and in doing so, he arrived at creating his own productions. This is how the story of his success started and today Kvitta can without doubt be found amongst the most important protagonist of a more harder kind of sound culture.

He is loved by his fans, because his sets vary from Hard-Techno to rhythmic techno-basslines, he demonstrates a respectable width of this ability and gained a huge global fan base. No wonder that he performs in the most important clubs worldwide, coupled with the biggest and most important festivals of the present time. With his own personal label Frank Kvitta Records managed to prove over the years that he always up-to-date and acts like a top dog. Tracks such as „Superheroes“ when he collaborated with Electronmike and also with „Electronic Pleasure“ with Horrorist. Together with Thommy Fusion he only recently founded the new Imprint „Prism Records“ on which the Duo „Prismatic“ EP catalogue no. 001 played.

Frank Kvittas‘ style is unmistakable. He is unique, energetic, drifty and at the same someone reaching peoples heart. A kind of journey on, which he takes his crowd with him on each of his sets.
This journey – mainly a self-finding journey during which Frankfurt artist deals with his forthcoming album, which will be released at the beginning of 2014. And it is already certain now that Frank Kvitta never worked on a more personal piece of music. But not only musically does Kvitta concern himself with his awareness and personal self-finding. His traditionally celebrated birthday tour, his sets as well as his further activities can be regarded as a spearhead of an entire genre.

All this promises to result in unreachable dimensions. 2013 and Frank Kvitta – already now a great friendship from which the outside world will certainly profit.

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28 Maggio 2024 @

Frank Kvitta & Daniela Haverback @ Dansen Bij De Bus - Groningen

Speaking Thru Emotions (Coyu Raw Edit)

Frank Kvitta @ X-cast 003

Technozone live