ORION MUZIK was born in december 2001: Danilo Vigorito earns the reputation of new phenomenon on the electronic scene, identifying himself with elaborated and refined production techniques more typical of a live set.
After time a series of sub-lables were born to fulfill every style and music direction

INTELLIGENCE was born in 2005 andintended to give space to new and deeper experimentations which demonstrate the ability to invigorate techno sound. Another Imagination EP, released on 21 april 2005, is the first step towards a new era for techno music.

INSIDE ORION was born in 2006 inside the well popular ORION MUZIK project, IO releases complete
ORION MUZIK profile being the most open and eclectic sub-label of the all group.

BLACKLABEL was born from an idea of Danilo Vigorito to spread a different techno sound to the world.

Feel free to upload your demo using our SOUNDCLOUD dropbox.
We will not react on download-links, or listen music on myspace. Please also understand that we are notinterested in releasing music that was already around on the internet.
Let us know why you want to be an ORION MUZIK or INSIDE ORION artist!
Keep it coming….!

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